• Newly advanced A9 main board with Linux OS
  • Support storage of 25000 groups of medical record and 8640 hours trend review


  • 10.4-inch color Folded high-brightness TFT LED


  • 12-Crystal ultrasound transducer
  • Event Marker
  • Signal strength indicator


  • Built-in high-speed thermal printer, 112mm
  • Support fast printing of stored trend
  • Support external laser printer(option)

      Central System

  • Wired or wireless connection
  • Optional Support HL7 (Health Level Seven)


  • Three-level acousto-optic alarm on abnormal FHR
  • FHR signal strength prompt
  • Cross-Channel Verification (CCV)
  • Sensor-off alarm
  • Paper out alarm
  • Support alarm review

       Linux OS

  • Support operation with mouse and computer keyboard(option)
  • Multi-display mode
  • NIBP self-test mode
  • Medical history search
  • NST Timer
  • Fetal Movement Profile (FMP)
  • Heart rate offset mode
  • Multi-language
  • Auto CTG analysis report: Advanced Fischer /Fischer / NST / KREBS
  • Online software upgrading by net/USB
  • Exporting CTG data & analysis in PDF format for EMR connectivity by USB memory (option)

Fetal Monitor K2100

  • Product Code: K2100

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